Kiosk Guests, what you need to know and what we need from you.

  • Read the mission statement.
  • Go through your old pictures and get them to us.
  • We want pictures of everything. The school, church, barn, station, train bridge, everything.
  • Browse through the interactive map and click on the hotspots, if an area does not have a green boarder, we are looking for pictures of it. Look at the gallery’s, if you have a better picture we will change it out or add more.
  • Tell everyone about the site. Tell your Facebook friends.
  • Scan and send your pictures to
  • For best results, Scan at 600dpi,
  • One picture per scan please 
  • Use the app called WeTransfer to send them, It is free and easy to use. 
  • If you don’t have a scanner, get them to us, we will return them.
  • There is a smart phone App in the google play store called PhotoScan by Google Photos, It works pretty good and is free.
  • We will update a contact list of people who will help with the pictures.
  • The best effort will be taken to ensure the accuracy of dates and spelling of names. Email us with corrections.
  • This site is strictly non-profit

Contact List:

Mattawa Area: Kent Lagace, email –

North Bay Area: Paul Laferriere, email –