Mission Statement

Welcome to the Let’s Rebuild Kiosk Historical Site!

As you can see, the framework for the site is complete but the website will be a work in progress.

Our goal is to complete the interactive map to best represent the Kiosk Town Site as it once was. The goal is to focus on having at least 3 pictures of each home and structures, one from the left, the right, and straight on. We will attempt this in two different decades if we receive the correct photos.

This is where we need your help. Please send any photos of homes or structures that you may have. We will add pictures as we receive them and will continue to update the website to reach our goal.

We cannot guarantee that all photos sent will be added to the site, however, we encourage you to submit them to ensure completeness of each house and structure within Kiosk. Pictures will be posted based on quality and angles that fit our goal. All photos will be reviewed and an effort to include your photos will be made. Do not hesitate to submit pictures that are of lower quality because they may be needed to ensure the completeness and representation of a home/structure. As we progress, requests will be made for pictures that are needed.

Please send your pictures to kent@rebuildkiosk.com. Scanned images in .JPEG format are preferred. Please include the approximate year of the photo as well as information relevant to the picture (i.e. who lived in the home). The information that we have will be published as we receive it, and with a collective effort, we can work to verify this information.

We realize that not everyone has access to a scanner and that some people are not tech-savvy. Assistance can be provided from recruited individuals across different geographical locations with the common goal of rebuilding Kiosk. Contact information about our team will be provided as it becomes available.

Note: I am not a web developer and am learning the process as the site is being developed. My passion is to develop an interactive historical website of the town I grew up in and love. I cannot do this without your help.

Thank you for your support, now, Let’s Rebuild Kiosk!